My name in fact is not Jonas. If you do not understand the title of my journal, I suggest you listen to some good music. Namely Weezer. So yea, much like any teenager, I love music. Right now my favorite band would have to be Coheed and Cambria. I <3 Claudio. As many people who talk to me have found out [[coughaaroncough]], if you question my musical taste:

1. You are wrong
2. I will win eventually

Anyways, I spend all of my time listening to music. I rarely watch tv unless a hockey game is on, and I have heard this makes me odd for many reasons, but oh well.

I actually enjoy school, mainly cause I love spending time with my friends. You can usually find us at a movie theater or theme park...causing destruction.

Ok. This was pointless since if you are here, you know about me, but whatever. Later all.

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Dec 5, 2003
Taken from Courtney's journal

[ + ]first grade teacher's name: Mrs. Rasmussen...or something like that, I never had to spell it
[ + ]last word you said: ugh
[ + ]last song you sang: mae-this time is the last time
[ + ]last thing you laughed at: this convo with Garland...

The Evil Puffin: that winky face looks kinda demonic...
gyq tm: ...haha
gyq tm: sexually demonic..
gyq tm: :X
gyq tm: wait
gyq tm: i didnt say that

Most things Garland says make me laugh tho...that one just stands out...

[ + ]last time you cried: Thursday
[ + ]last person you thought of: well, since you asked the other question, Garland

[ + ]what's in your cd player: Mae-Destination: Beautiful
[ + ]what color socks are you wearing: none
[ + ]what's under your bed: I have a waterbed, no under part of it
[ + ]what time did you wake up today: 5:10 am

[ + ]current hair: the same way I always have my hair
[ + ]current clothes: Juliana Theory tshirt and black jeans
[ + ]current annoyance: people calling me sensitve/incoherent lectures from my mom
[ + ]current smell: i think chicken...which doesn't make sense cause we're having steak...
[ + ]current longing: A Very Emo Christmas...or just the last day of school, I wanna give everyone their gifts! I'm so excited.
[ + ]current desktop picture: Taking Back Sunday live shot that says "This won't mean a thing come tomorrow"
[ + ]current favorite music artist: RHCP/Mae/Coheed and Cambria
[ + ]current book: The Da Vinci Code ^_^
[ + ]current worry: continuation of being sad...I want to be happy...damnit...
[ + ]current hate: stupid people
[ + ]story behind your username: Coheed and Cambria song
[ + ]current favorite article of clothing: jeans?
[ + ]favorite physical feature on a boy: hair
[ + ]i am happiest when: I'm hanging out with my friends
[ + ]i feel lonely when: I'm with a group of friends, but no ones talking
[ + ]favorite authors: Tolkein, Salinger, Chbowsky
[ + ]if you could live anywhere in the world, where: Australia, New Zealand, or Jersey
[ + ]famous person you have met: Jesse Lacey, Vin Accardi, Garret, Brian Lane...hehe weehoo...
[ + ]do you have any regrets: I guess being too sensitive...
[ + ]sex or love: love
[ + ]favorite smell: Axe
[ + ]what makes you mad: when people make unfounded accusations about my character and proceed to torture me about it. NOT FUN TIMES.
[ + ]favorite way to waste time: Playing FFR...Im getting good...
[ + ]what is your best quality: No clue
[ + ]are in currently in love:
[ + ]what's the craziest thing you have ever done?: maybe not crazy, but incrediably stupid...rode Kraken for like, 3 hours in a row...oh the headaches...
[ + ]any bad habits: Haha, yes, procrastination
[ + ]do you find it hard to trust people: yea...and as soon as I disappears...
[ + ]last thing you bought yourself: i haven't bought myself anything in forever...I feel selfish
[ + ]bath or shower: shower
[ + ]favorite season: autumn/winter
[ + ]favorite color: blue
[ + ]favorite flavor: orange
[ + ]favorite time of day: naptime ^_^
[ + ]gold or silver: silver

[ + ]do you wear a watch: no...wish I had one...
[ + ]favorite stores: B.Daltons, Spencers, Walden Books, Best Buy, Borders
[ + ]how big is your closet? I dunno...I can walk in it big?
[ + ]ever spend more then $200 in a store?: hahaha, that's like, a dream of mine
[ + ]do your friends know everything about you: nope
[ + ]what do they tend to be like: caring, funny, awesome, amazing people
[ + ]can you count on them: yep
[ + ]can they count on you: I'd like to think so

[ + ]last book you read: Fahrenheit 451...that was a long time ago...
[ + ]last movie you saw:, Austin Powers/Saving Silverman/Whatever It Takes...I can't remember...
[ + ]last movie you saw on the big screen: Elf...pillow headed ninny mugger...bwhaha...
[ + ]last show you watched on tv: uhm...Friends...or South Park...
[ + ]last song you heard: RHCP-Parallel Universe
[ + ]last thing you had to drink: Diet Pepsi
[ + ]last thing you ate: spicy chicken wings
[ + ]last time you showered: last night...washed my hair for like, 30 minutes alone...
[ + ]last time you smiled: ...not for a while...Im not a smiling person...
[ + ]last time you laughed: ugh...when I read that convo with Garland
[ + ]last person you hugged: Frannie
[ + ]last person you talked to online: Garland

|DO YOU...|
[ + ]smoke: no
[ + ]drink: no
[ + ]have sex: no
[ + ]sleep with stuffed animals:no
[ + ]have a dream that keeps coming back: sometimes
[ + ]play an instrument: no
[ + ]believe there is life on other planets: sure
[ + ]read the newspaper: no, not unless stories online count...we don't get the newspaper
[ + ]believe in miracles: not really
[ + ]consider police a friend or foe: eh...foe...sometimes...they don't seem to like me too much...
[ + ]like the taste of alcohol: not at all
[ + ]believe in astrology: nope
[ + ]believe in magic: eh...
[ + ]go to church: nope
[ + ]have any secrets: not really secrets...just things I don't tell people...
[ + ]have any pets: oh gosh yea..
Dogs: Nina, Rascal
Cats: Jozie, Cujo, Hell Cat, Jr.
Iguana: Loki

My house smells bad...x_x

[ + ]go or plan to attend college: of course
[ + ]talk to strangers: yea
[ + ]have any piercings: ears and lip/chin
[ + ]have any tattoos: no
[ + ]hate yourself: people seem to think I hate myself...I don't really.
[ + ]wish on stars: no, cant see stars over here really. thats something i wanna do. spend the night somewhere with no lights and just watch the stars
[ + ]like your handwriting: =/ sometimes
[ + ]believe in witches: nope
[ + ]believe in ghosts:somewhat
[ + ]believe in santa: no
[ + ]believe in the easter bunny: no
[ + ]believe in the tooth fairy: no
[ + ]trust others easily: no
[ + ]sing in the shower:nope

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Dec 3, 2003
...why do I want what I can't get?...

This is a random post...

 This week has been going good. Except for that whole lab thing...that was a disaster. But I'm not gonna worry about it anymore. I can't change it.

I miss sleeping

So yea, everything is going pretty good. Surprise for me today-I got asked to Stage Manage the student directed play. Hm, still in somewhat surprise/shock of being asked, but I'll do it. It sounds like fun. ^_^

Hm, some things coming up that I'm looking foreward to...

Dec. 6
Seaworld Volenteering thingy, if I'm going
Ms. Courtney Babb's party

Dec. 8
Against Me! concert, if I can get some money together...

Dec. 17
Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Dec. 19
School lets out for 2 weeks [[hallelujah]]
A Very Emo Christmas-hehe

Dec. 25
Christmas at home for once

Hmm...that's about all for right now...besides that I'm just hoping to resolve a conflict; I cant be happy or calm until I fix things. =/

Now I'm gonna put in a game that me and Chris played today in English. It's the last word game...or something like that...

C: There is a fly in my soup
A: Soup is very tasty, especially with chicken
C: Chickens are fed human flesh in farms across America
A: America is cool, but Bush sucks
C: Sucks monkey balls
A: Balls are fun to play with, but only if they're yours
C: Yours or mine? It doesn't matter
A: Matter is what the earth is made of
C: Of the seven seas, your mother is the largest
A: Largest mammal in the world is the blue whale
C: Whales infest Massachusetts swimmy-pools
A: Swimmy-pools are fun to play in during the summer
C: Summer is the season of sweat and mosquitos
A: Mosquitos piss me off

Hehe...I just remember last year when me, Kira, and Jaime played it, and everything related to how much Petitt sucked. Good times. ^_^

Ok kids, I'm off to procrastinate. Later ^_^

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Nov 6, 2003
...take a leap from out the window, cause it's way too far to go through the door...

So, Brand New was awesome last night, as usual. Somehow at the shows, all their songs are more intense. Even Tautou.

Anyways, I got there, met up with Fran, Emily and Ben. Also there was Suzzy, Joe, David, Paul, Mohammed, Cory, Adam Whitlow, and Bobby. I saw Vinnie outside with his family, so I didn't wanna bother him, but weee.

Me, Ben, Emily, and Fran went upstairs for the first two bands and half of the third. Copeland was the first band. They were alright. Eisley was next. They uhm....sucked. I'm sure some people like that music, but I don't like chick bands, and whiny chick bands aren't good either. I descibed them as Steel Train with a girl singer...if that means anything to anyone. Heh.

Hot Rod Circuit was really good, but they played for too long. I was excited for Brand New to come on. And they did eventually. Awesome. They played for an hour and 45 minutes. Every song off Deja except Me Vs Maradona Vs Elvis and Play Crack the Sky. Off Your Favorite Weapon they played Jude Law and a Semester Abroad, Mix Tape, Failure by Design, Logan to Government Center, The No Seatbelt Song, Seventy Times 7, and Soco Ameretto Lime. That's 16 songs people. They played I'm a Believer too...funny.

So, some funny stuff that happened.

[[Emily sits on the ground in front of Ben's lap to steal his shoe]]
Emily:....this does not look right.

Me: [[in the middle of laughing]] hehehe...
Emily: [[stares]] That is the funniest laugh I have ever heard!

Me: Ben, do you have your rock with you tonight?
Ben: No, it's at home.
Me:...Wait....It's detachable?

Ben: [[trips on stairs]] Damnit! I screwed up my hand! This is great, tomorrow it'll be like "Ben, how'd you screw up your hand? Mosh pit?" "No, I tripped on the stairs!"

[[me, Ben, Emily, Fran find couches and chairs. Me and Ben sit on the couch]]
Fran:...Can you guys get off the couch?
Me:....No, no we can't.
[[Emily walks over and tries to pull Ben up, Fran tries to pull me up. I aim for Fran's crotch.]]
Fran: [[backs away, bent over]]
Emily: [[looks at Fran, looks at me]] You're my hero Amber!
Ben: Wait...did she kick you Fran?
Fran: No, she tried though.
Ben: Oh ok. I was like, Fran, if your girl is calling her friend a hero cause she kicked you in the balls, you have a problem.

[[talking to Paul]]
Me: Paul, why are you here if you hate Brand New?
Paul: Brand New sucks!
Me: Then why are you here?! Isn't this your third time seeing them this year?
Paul: Yea.
Me: Yea, we went to the same concerts.
Paul: They sucked at the Social. Fucking Jesse looked like he wanted to cry on stage, damn Emo Bastard.

Emily: Joseph, I have three things to say to you.'re not a cushy kid. Two...I hope your fro eats you. Three...three...
Joe: Joseph Coscarelli, what an asshole?
Emily: Joseph Coscarelli...what an asshole!

[[Joe walks into the Men's restroom]]
[[walks out 5 minutes later. Then David walks out. Then Adam walks out.]]
[[me and Emily break into histarical laughter]]

[[David skips around the HOB all night]]

[[random guy starts talking to me and Emily in the pit]]
Me: Well, the only reason I'm here is that I guilted my mom into it, otherwise I have no money for any other concerts and whatnot.
Guy: How'd you manage that?
Me: She washed my signed Brand New shirt and she feels bad...
Guy: Wait. You met Brand New?
Me: Yea.
Guy: [[slowly reaches out, touches my shoulder]]
Me and Emily: [[stare at each other, slowly reach out and touch each others shoulders]] Transitive property!

Heh, I know there are more, but I forget. Alrighty all, I'm gonna go do something other than sit at the comp now.

Later all

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Nov 2, 2003
...I will follow anyone who brings me to you...

Yesterday was so fun. ^_^

Not much happened during the day. I sat around and played computer games and such. Around 4:45 I left to go to the eye doctor. Had to get a new perscription. Eyes dialated and everything, woot.

Anyways, then my mom drove me to the Pointe and everyone eventually showed up. Everyone is me, Eddie, Judith, Megan, Joann, Priya, Rose, Neeja, Chris R.[[refered to as Roche]], Chris C., Eric, Pat, and Garland. Yea, a lot of teenagers walking around the Pointe. People were scared.

So anyways, we couldn't decide on what movie to see: Texas Chainsaw Massacre [[which no one should have seen anyways since there wasn't an adult with us, but Judith apperently looks 18]], or Scary Movie 3. Me, Eric, and Garland were set on not watching TCM. I wasn't scared, I just don't watch scary movies in theaters. So, me, Garland, Chris, Pat, Eric, Rose, and Eddie went to see SM3. Everyone else saw TCM. Anyways, we had a good time in SM3. It was still funny, despite me having seen it before. Garland was scared in the movie...he kept putting his jacket in front of his face. I thought that was funny. ^_^

Anyways, our movie got out earlier than theirs, so we went to XS. Then I dragged Chris, Eric, Garland, Pat, and Rose into the bookstore so I could go shopping. I was trying to get Garland his Calvin and Hobbes book for Christmas, but he didn't remember which one he had, so oh well.

Garland is obsessed with sex.

So we went outside and Neeja had to leave so we went to the front. Then we played Sardines...or tried. No one really followed the rules, and Eddie actually called us to tell us we were cheating. Heh. We decided to restart the game, and split up into groups of 3, but instead of looking for Ed and Roche, me and Priya went shopping. Heh.

Anyways, we "found" them eventually, and headed back to XS. After watching Chris and Pat play the racing game 5 times, we got bored and left...they were still there. We found Ed, Roche, Megan, Priya, and Joann half way up the stairs and sat with them. They went back to get Pat and Chris, and me, Ed and Roche went to get drinks. We sat outside the Pizza place and had Chris give us Cell Phone Tarot readings. To show how retarded it was, Eddie's was something about using common sense to achieve his goals...

Eddie: UGH! I dont HAVE common sense! Or goals!

Mine was something about if I wanted to be pregnant my concieving time was at 6-8 am.

Chris: I feel sorry for you, you missed your concieving time. But good God! Who the hell is gonna have sex at 6am?! I wasn't even awake!

Good times...more funny convos...

[[roach on ground]]
Eddie: [[monkey screech, points down, jumps on it, picks it up, chases people]]

[[guy walks by Rose, taps her on the shoulder]]
Rose: [[looks behind her]] Oh! I know him!
Me: Oh ok, I was like, Random people touching Rose.

Garland: Why are you buying Christmas gifts? It's not for like, 5 months! [[thinks]] Wait, 3. [[thinks again]] No, two. Ok yea.

Me: Well, if I buy it for you now, you're still not getting it till Christmas.
Garland: Oh, really?
Rose: Yea, if she gave you the gift now, you'd have it like, 5 months early.
Garland: [[hangs head]]

[[Garland finds the naked pixie book, the magic of sex book, and hot mama book]]

Me: [[buying stuff]]
Garland: [[walks up, shows me the Hot Mama book]]
Me: Ugh! You are obsessed with sex!
Garland: Am not! How does this have anything to do with sex?
Me:...The woman on the front is pregnant! She had sex!
Garland: [[walks away]]
Register Lady: Most guys are.

Ahhh, fun stuff. I missed hanging out with you guys. ^_^

Later all

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Nov 1, 2003
...I'm not coming home tonight...

What color is most reflective of you-
How did you get the idea for your diary name?- Coheed and Cambria song
Where were you the first time you kissed?- Backyard...romantic, huh?
What time were you born- no clue
What song are you playing now, or wish you were playing?- Finch-stay with me
Has the death of a celebrity ever made you cry?- Don't think so
What color underwear are you wearing?- White  
Do you want a baby?- Not sure...babies turn into children, and I dont like children. Not good with them. I accidently screamed at a trick or treater last night...
What does your mom do for a living- Truck driver
What is your pet's name-
Rascal, Nina, Jozie, HellCat, Cujo, Loki, and then an unnamed kitten
What color are your bedsheets?- blue

What are the last 4 digits of your phone number?- 9661
What song are you playing now?- Thursday-War All The Time
What was the first cd you bought~ No clue 
Who do you dislike most at this moment?- Who? Uhm....I'm pretty good with everyone right now...

What food are you craving right now- Nothing
Did you dream last night- I'm sure I did
What was the last tv show you watched- Been watching Haunted Hotels all day
Who do you wish you sang like- *shrug*

What is your fave piece of jewlery- Uhm...the ring I got from Eddie
What is to the left of you- A wall
What was the last thing you ate- Mojo Chicken ^_^
If you were a stripper what song would you open your show too-
If you could look like anyone who would it be- ???
What movie reminds you of your life- Hmmm...not a movie, but The Perks of Being a Wallflower kinda reminds me of my life in some aspects...
Who is your best friend of the opposite sex- Eddie
write a song lyric that's in your head- "What's black and white, red all over..." Alkaline Trio-All on Black
What is the best type of dancing?- The Macarena...oh yea...
What are 3 words your best friend would use to describe you-?? I'm not them...
Who last imed you- Roche
Where is your signifigant other right now?- Don't have one, so no idea where they are

What shampoo do you use- Panteen
what's the worst shampoo- Pert

When was the last time you cut your hair- Like, a week after school got out last year...need to get it cut...
Are you on any meds- Not that I am aware of...

Do you have a mental disease- Gotta agree with Fran on the ADD thing
What actor is hottest- Mmmm...I'm just gonna say Johnny Depp
What was the last movie of theirs you saw- Edward Scissor Hands
what shirt are you wearing- The Juliana Theory
where do you go to download songs- I don't, I steal them from Joseph

What time is it- 4:18
What is your fave frozen treat?- Italian Ice
What planet are you from- Mars...I've always liked Mars for some reason..
Are you sexy?- No

Whats your favorite shopping store?- Spencers or any book store 
What do you think about premarital sex?- What people do with their lives is their choice
What diary did you get this off of- Jaime, and then Fran[[k]]
Have you ever been or dated a cheerleader?- No

Now what song are you playing?- Against Me!-Pints of Guiness Make You Strong
are you thirsty- Kinda
Can you imagine yourself ever getting married- Eh...I hope so

Yea...I was bored too...

Later all

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Oct 30, 2003
...and the rain drops...

I'm so miserable right now.

I really cannot stand it when one of my friends is mad at me. It's even worse when I know they have an actual reason for being mad. I hate the silent treatment. It's an elementary school playground thing to do, but it hurts so bad. I wish I didn't always screw everything up. I wish I was the nice person that everyone claims I am. I wish I wasn't such an asshole to my friends. I wish I knew how to act around people.

Thing is...none of this will mean anything tomorrow. But I'll remember how I acted...and it will still hurt...the dirty looks I recieved...I'll remember them...

Don't feel like writing anymore

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Oct 24, 2003
...pull the trigger and the nightmare stops...

Hmm, haven't updated in a while...

That's mainly cause this week was hectic and overall odd. Not much happened in the way of funniness anyways, so there wasn't much to talk about.

Anyways, it's finally Friday. I get two days to sleep. Or rather, to do all my homework and study for the Physics, German, Antigone, History, and Psychology tests on Monday.

I swear they plan it like that just to destroy any hopes of resting. This week I've been coming home a crashing on the couch till about 7 or 8, then doing all my homework. Kinda sucks, I usually end up with only a couple hours sleep. I miss sleep.

Anyways, Algebra this week was weird. Breuer was gone Monday and Wednesday, and Tuesday were the PSAT's, so we didn't learn the section till Thursday, though we had three assignments on it. He gave us a lot of homework this weekend too...x_x

I like Physics so far. Mrs.VanLoon is funny. Not much going on there except she hasn't actually taught us yet. Monday was the first day, Tuesday was the PSAT's, Wednesday she was gone. So like math, we didn't do anything till Thursday really.

German is German. I miss Dolan though. He went to Ohio for his Grandfather's funeral. It's just boring without him there.

That German project sucks too. -_- Same stuff. That FCAT book is the most boring, tedious crap ever. So is the interactive reader. I know how to read, I'm pretty good at it. Only missed 3 on that DRP...and that's because of the erasing. Whatever.

Lunch is lunch. Nothing really ever happens.

History this week was really subdued. Our class was strangely silent. Kinda sad, that class is always a lot of fun. It's still fun, just the whole randomness disappeared after we took notes. We did our work for once...odd.

Psychology sucks, I hate that class. It's so boring. The work takes 5 minutes and then you do nothing the rest of the class. -sigh-

Hmm...making note of an incident I thought was pretty funny today.

Jaime: Oh, Amber! I wanted to tell you this! So I was in the car with my mom yesterday, and she was telling me that Andrew's mom had called her, and wanted me to convince him to go to Homecoming. So she was like "Is Amber going?" So I said No, and she said "Well why don't Amber and Andrew go together!"
Me:....[[turns around]] Hey Andrew, did you know we're supposed to go to Homecoming together?
Andrew: [[mumbles]] Yea...
Me: WHAT?!
Julian: Yea, I heard you two were going together or something...
Me:...What the hell?!

Just so I make it clear...I am not going to Homecoming with Andrew. Or at all for that matter.

[[in Psychology]]
Suzzy: You guys don't even suck, you blow. You blow like a vacuum cleaner.
Courtney:...we blow like a vacuum?

[[me and Emily walk 10 steps to the stairwell]]
Emily: Ok, well, Bye Amber! [[waves, looks at hand, does Emily point]] I never noticed I waved like this! [[starts laughing]]
Me: [[staring]] Emily, you're one of those people who could entertain themselves for hours. You'll be walking and then do something like this [[sideways hop]] and then you'll start laughing and continue doing it for an hour.


I'm such an odd kid. I swear I could ruin every friendship I have just because I don't tell people when something bothers me. That's why I stress people to tell me when they have a problem with me...I never could. One of my best friends thought I hated him. I almost started crying I was so upset. Things had been odd for a while, but I didn't say anything because well...I'm like that. I just can't tell people how I feel about them...or more specifically, how I feel our friendship is.

Haha, but it was kinda funny. We thought the same exact things about each other but never said anything. Kinda sad as well. Thanks for bringing it up though. I couldn't have...something I need to work on.

I guess that's just cause I'm too nice....^_^

Ok, I think I'm gonna go watch Comedy Central now. Later all

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Oct 18, 2003
The Emo Gathering

So today definately cheered me up. ^_^

We were supposed to go to the movies or something, but we couldn't really decide on a time/place/movie. It looked like nothing was gonna happen for a while, and then Fran suggested that we go to his house and crash Joe's rehersal. So, we decided that was good. ^_^

So around 3, me, Jaime, Emily, Ben, and Asef went to Frannie's house. It was the most hilarious stuff. I think for times sake, I'll talk about all the funny convos and sayings at the end.

So after everyone showed up, we sat around for a while and talked about stuff. Fran's room is cool, he had this doll, and it looked like Joe...except it was black. Heh. So, after a while we walked over to Joe's house and knocked on his door...and no one answered. But, we saw people inside. And then Gerald, David, Bobby and Joe ran down the stairs and started playing in the garage. They told us to go away...but we didn't. So eventually David walked around the side and let us in.

We watched them reherse, which was the funniest thing. We were staring at Joe's afro cause when it's kinda hypnotic...or just really funny. David kept laughing when we were laughing, which was practically the whole time. We took lots of pictures...including a very...uhm...'homo-erotic' one...fuuuuuuun stuff. ^_^

ANYWAYS, after that we sat and talked and Joe was like "I'm gonna go take a shower....get out." Of course, we didn't leave, and actually went inside his house and waited for him outside the bathroom. Took plenty of pictures. We went in his room and sat in his bed while he and Bobby changed [[Bobby took a shower too]]. After that they kicked us out, so we walked back to Frannie's house.

By the way, you guys are really good. I want a cd. ^_^

So we got back to Fran's house and ate pizza, then headed back into his room where he played guitar and sang. We put on cds ad sang along. It was like, Early November, Dashboard Confessional, Brand New, Taking Back Sunday...hence, the Emo Gathering.

It was pretty funny because while we were listening to the songs and singing, Asef was playing Halo. So it's like songs about love, and then gunfire in the backround. Heh.

So, after a while of that, everyone left. Thanks for letting us crash at your house Fran. ^_^

And here come the conversations...subject to be updated, as I know I can't remember them all...

Fran's Little Brother: Fran! Come look at all the oranges that fell out of the orange tree that we have!
[[everyone bursts into laughter]]
Jaime: I want this kid to meet my sister!
Emily: WHAT?!
Emily: Did you just say you wanted Fran's brother to rape your sister?!

[[cd player turns on]]
Emily: [[jumps]]

Fran: [[on the phone with Ben]]
Emily: [[pulls out Pingu the Penguin]]
[[everyone burst out laughing]]
Ben: [[confused]]

Emily: It's about this penguin Pingu, and he lives in a village where they speak penguinese. And he'll be talking and you can't understand him, and then all of a sudden he'll be like "whatthefuck."

[[us all listening to Fran play guitar]]
Jaime: [[out of NOWHERE]] Serenade me bitch.
[[-silence-....histarical laughter]]

[[while eating pizza, Emily and Jaime start laughing and pointing at people]]
Me:....I have no idea what is going on, but I'm gonna keep laughing anyways.

Me: Fran has a good singing voice.
Asef: Well, that's why he is in chorus.
Me:....You know what Asef, shut your face.

[[Fran's dog barks at Emily all day]]

Joe: I'm gonna go take a shower.
Gerald: Me too.

Jaime: You guys, I just unzipped Fran's gradnfather's pants...

Fran: Jaime...did you unzip my grandfather's pants?
Jaime: I wanted to see what was inside! It's full of socks.
Ben:...Tube socks...

Jaime: [[playing guitar]]And he fed my arm to Ashraf....

Ben: WHAT THE HELL IS IN MY POCKET?! Oh, it's a rock.
[[me, Jaime and Emily laugh]]
Ben: Why the hell did I put a rock in my pocket? Oh, it was cool and smooth, I remember.
Jaime:...Ben, can I feel your rock?
Me: [[takes rock and puts it on his head]]
Ben: Wow, I didn't think it was possible to get my rock on my head.

Jaime: Ben's in boy scouts, he can take pictures of squirrels.

[[afro wars between Emily and Joe]]

Jaime: Well, you guys were gonna let us stay out there and you weren't going to sing for us...
David: But I did sing, I sang my little heart out for you guys...

Joe: Whose baby is it?
Jaime: Ours.
Joe: But it's black.
Emily: Ohh yeah... it's mine!

David: Joe, leave the Axe bottle outside the bathroom door
Jaime: You all share the same can of Axe?
Joe: Yeah, its like communal, we even have our scent
Jaime: For real?!?
Me: [[rolls eyes]] Oh god. Yeah Jaime, and it's called "5th Orange."

Fran: God you guys share everything... Axe, clothes, hats, boxers....

Ben: [[sits on bed, and lands on Asef's lap]] Whoa! That wasn't good...
Asef: Ohh yeah it was
Ben: A little naughty, but a little nice...

Danke Jaime for some of these quotes! ^_^

Later all

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Oct 17, 2003


This weekend has been so uneventful. I haven't done any of my homework either. I did however get screwed out of concert money. That's what I get for being responsible and doing my chores I guess.

I hate not being given recognition for things. Or in other words, being ignored. -_- 

I wish >>someone<< was online so I could talk to them. No particular reason. I'm just having a withdrawl. Always cheers me up, our conversations. Oh well.


I don't even know why I am sad/depressed. Everything was good and then...crap. Maybe I'm lonely....?

No idea.


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Oct 16, 2003
So yea.

So yea. Basically, I wanted another journal. I still like my dj and all, but this has a chatter box. ^_^ So maybe I'll just copy my entries and put them in here. But I like random comments, so there ya go.

Everyone should go get Coheed and Cambria's new cd.

Later all

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